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Are you looking for a comprehensive study guide to help you pass the New York teacher certification exam the first time? Do you want a guide that is aligned with current test guidelines, one that includes the exact information without the fluff? XAMonline’s NYSTCE teacher certification study guides offer an easy-to-understand, in-depth review of the actual content that’s on the test. Unlike other study guides XAMonline provides comprehensive content, not just a list of a skills and competencies or study secrets.

As the nation’s leading publisher of teacher certification study guides, we publish 19 New York-specific teacher certification study guides that are directly aligned with test content. Our CQST, CST and NYSTCE guides offer the following advantages:

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NYSTCE Math 002 NYSTCE 002 Multi Subject
Students with Disabilities Social Studies New York

Last spring I instructed a group of students to go to the bookstore and compare several NYSTCE Study Guides and then tell me which guide they thought was most useful. The WINNER was XAMONLINE.COM."— Janet Drummond, Director of Certification at Aldephi University School of Education


IntelliGuide™ by XAMonline

Same comprehensive content, new interactive study tools.

XAMonline is proud to announce its new IntelliGuide™ product. This new platform transforms the traditional eBook experience into an enhanced study and test practice session through innovative tools such as sticky notes and flashcards. The IntelliGuide™ technology companion is FREE with the purchase of the NYSTCE Multiple Subjects 002 study guide.

Product Features:

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Who We Are - XAMonline.com

Developed by a teacher, for teachers
Founded in 1996, XAMonline began with one teacher-in-training who was frustrated by the lack of materials available for teacher certification exam preparation. From a single state-specific guide, XAMonline has grown to offer over 300 study guides for every state exam, as well as the PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II tests.

Our comprehensive study guides offer more than just the required certification competencies and skills. Their content and structure enables you to go beyond basic skills development and rote memorization to mastery of subject matter, a necessary trait of effective teaching. The content of our PRAXIS and state-specific guides is aligned and weighted to current standards, ensuring you’re studying the right material.

Quality Content from Quality Teaching Professionals
XAMonline’s superior quality standards are maintained by seasoned, professional teachers. We choose from a pool of over 1,500 certified teachers to write, review, and edit our guides. Each certification study guide includes an extensive practice test, which features varied levels of rigor and in-depth answer rationale. Just like the study guide, the practice test questions are aligned with the current state or PRAXIS test parameters, providing you with an experience that parallels the real test.

Leading the Way with Advanced Technology
At its inception XAMonline was a forward-thinking company, and it remains committed to bringing new ways of studying and learning to the teaching profession. Through our partnership with leading technology firms, we bring innovation to study habits through products like our IntelliGuide. This enhanced eBook features the quality content of our print guide, but with intelligent study tools such as printable eStickynotes, highlight capability, a personalized flash card builder, and timed tests. 

Our print on demand (POD) publishing model ensures accuracy and that every study guide is up-to-date and aligned with state and regional standards and guidelines. Additionally, POD offers benefits such as:

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Need to study right now? All of our 300+ PRAXIS and state-specific titles are available in .pdf format. With advantages such as instant download, portability, and access regardless of whether you’re at school, home or work, eBooks present an environmentally-friendly study option. XAMonline's eBooks are available at these eBookstores:

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