Our HomeworkMarket Detailed Review

HomeworkMarket writing service

Today’s post features a thorough review of HomeworkMarket.com. Our priority was to determine the quality of the services offered and see if the company provides what it says. So, if you want to hear about our experience with this firm, keep on reading.

Available Services

Distinct from typical essay writing services, this company delivers homework assistance. In plain English, as a student, one can submit their academic assignments, such as problem-solving, and others.

Nevertheless, apart from that, HomeworkMarket offers writing services, as well. On that note, we decided to test the homework and essay services alike.

Prices, Offers, and Discounts

The prices provided by Homework Market differ with every assignment. Nonetheless, the website indicates some pricing information so that students could get an idea of what they are about to pay. We observed that the lowest quoted prices are surprisingly low, which means that students could get affordable rates.

Moreover, we didn’t find any discounts listed on the website. Still, depending on the writer you work with, perhaps you could negotiate the rate. Considering this business model, we weren’t surprised that there aren’t any coupon codes or a new client promo code. Plus, the prices are quite low.

Based on customer reviews and HomeworkMarket testimonials, clients didn’t encounter difficulties when paying for their papers. We subscribe. The payment procedure operated smoothly and safely. That being said, we can assure you that this company utilizes secure payment methods, meaning that HomeworkMarket is not a fraud or scam.

We preferred the debit card payment. Still, you could also choose PayPal, credit card, or other regular means of payment.

Evaluating the Writers’ Expertise

We consider that the writers’ credentials and academic background are crucial in establishing the position of a custom writing service. Still, unfortunately, finding any relevant data regarding their preparation was pretty impossible. Plus, one of our orders was a disaster, which was utterly disappointing to us, making us question the expertise of the writers. The second order was acceptable. If edited and revised accordingly, it could have been something to work with. While that’s not the perfect scenario, it’s better than receiving an utter disaster.

We did, however, receive the orders in time, which could be conveyed as an advantage.

Are There Any Extra Benefits?

Many writing services supply additional offers and perks on their websites. For instance, some provide free summaries, title or bibliography pages, and so on. Additionally, many companies have well-written, informative blog posts that could inspire students.

Nevertheless, we couldn’t find anything of this kind on HomeworkMarket.com. Even though the company operates on a distinct business model, this doesn’t mean that including useful content wouldn’t have worked.

The Bottom Line

Overall, our experience with Homework Market was mixed. One of the projects was OK, while the other one was poorly written. Considering the business model, we couldn’t differentiate between qualified and unqualified writers, which means it’s pretty much up to your luck.

We find that this is quite unacceptable. We recognize that students who are looking for custom writing services need to depend on expert assistance every time. That’s why our rating for the HomeworkMarket is low.